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Hi there, we are Annie and Oren and we are pleased to introduce ourselves to you. We welcome you to our website and do hope you come to visit us at our store. Our store, Dorothy’s at The Lake, is in the wonderful and majestic area of Lake Arrowhead, California.

We’ve lived in Lake Arrowhead for three years and established our store one year ago. We love Lake Arrowhead and absolutely adore our store. Most of our previous life was spent in the Los Angeles area where we worked in the non-profit/private sector as well as the music business.

Dorothy’s at The Lake is a one-of-a-kind store. As was the lovely person we named the store after, Dorothy. Dorothy was known as Mom, Grandma, Sister, Aunt, Mother-in-Law and to some, Dotty. Dorothy expressed a favorable love towards everyone and meant the world to us and our children.

In our physical store and our online store, we attempt to offer unique items and do not stock hundreds of one item. Instead, we hand select every item in a limited quantity. We do this to maintain freshness in our store. Our goal is to not become stale. Another of our specialties is to showcase unique artists, some of whom are local to this region and others who are from outside the Lake Arrowhead area. This specialty is always evolving.

In closing, we can’t tell you how many people have taken a photo under our sign because their name is Dorothy, or how many people have shared that their mother’s name is Dorothy. Each time we hear these stories, it brings joy to our hearts, and we think of our lovely Dotty and what she has meant to our lives.

Thanks for visiting and we hope to see you soon,

Oren & Annie

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