Statue Garden Angel Sleeping


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Imagine in a garden, nestled in the flowers or the greenery, lies a serene angel statue, its form exuding an aura of blissful slumber. The angel’s countenance, captures the essence of heavenly serenity, its gentle features radiating a profound sense of peace. Its wing, delicately sculpted, appears to softly furl around its slumbering form, as if embracing it in a protective embrace. If you can imagine this then this is your garden angel.

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This beautiful home décor product can be used both indoors and outdoors. With its great neutral colors, it is sure to catch the eye. It is made with a mixture of resin and stone, giving it an authentic and natural look. Despite its sturdy construction, it is lightweight and easy to move around for seasonal changes. This product is especially great for those who love angels. It can be a wonderful gift or a keepsake. Whether it’s placed in a garden, patio, or indoor space, this decoration will add a focal point to any area. It typically ships within 7 – 10 business days. UPC 089945503388

Weight 64 oz
Dimensions 7.5 × 11.75 × 5.13 in


Roman, Joseph's Studio

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statue garden angel sleepingStatue Garden Angel Sleeping