Aperitivo Highball Glass by Zodax


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Enjoy all of your refreshments in these colorful Aperitivo Highball Glasses by Zodax. Each elegantly refined glass has a unique and authentic appearance that is sure to dazzle friends and family alike.

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Fill this lovely glass with liquid, and the essence within intensifies. Hold it up, and the light dances through the color, transforming the drink into a liquid jewel. Take a sip, and the coolness against your lips becomes a delightful accompaniment to the dazzling colors. This glass isn’t just functional, it’s an experience, a way to elevate the everyday act of drinking into something more. Cheers!

Elegantly designed and crafted with precision. This glassware by Zodax is a real treat. Enjoy all of your refreshments in these refined glasses. Each glass has a unique and authentic appearance. The glasses can vary in color and texture but guarantees to carry with it a lasting memory of elegance and luxury. These glasses will make a nice gift for yourself or for someone you care about. These glasses can be shipped one at a time, but it is recommended that four are shipped at a time.

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 6.25 in



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aperitivo highball glass by zodaxAperitivo Highball Glass by Zodax