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A unique and adorable gift for yourself or anyone who loves Christmas, baking, and gingerbread. The little gingerbread people are baking their delicious treats and you can imagine the sweet smell of gingerbread is filling the air.  It is a festive and heartwarming decoration to have in your home during the holiday season.

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Easy to use.  Simply plug one end of USB cord into appropriate location in snow globe and other end into appropriate slot and enjoy.  Great Christmas, holiday gift or Christmas, holiday keepsake.  Easily displays.  Great decoration for children or parents. Perfect holiday decoration or holiday gift. UPC 089945734119. Uses 3 AA batteries (not included).  Usually ships within 7 – 10 days.

Weight 64 oz
Dimensions 7.5 × 3.75 × 10.25 in


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snow globe with gingerbread house and shopSnow Globe Gingerbread Candy Bake Shop